Why subscribe ‘Economics can help(Covid-crisis edition)’?

This is an interview series for people who like economics.

The core question for the series is how economics can help in the Covid-crisis, and what economists have learned from another “worst recession since the Great Depression.”

Macroeconomics seems to have helped

The crisis created a liquidity crunch and lowered economic activities, necessitating the joint force of fiscal and monetary stimulus in all sorts of innovative manners. The stimulus seems to have help withstood a financial crisis. Is it really the case? Are economists confident that another Great Depression won’t happen any time soon? What macroeconomists learned during this crisis?

Other economics problems

The Covid-crisis is full of resource allocation problems, like large-scale testing, PPE production and distribution, and universal masking. Can economists provide strategies to help tackle these problems? This is what I want to find out through a series of interviews.

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